This week I thought about how to approach this project. I knew there were a lot of different possibilities to handle this. After researching I found some interesting ways like fi softbodies, morphing, skinned mesh, etc. Later I found a modular car in the asset store of Unity, I was quite happy with the model. On the third day I succeeded to do damage on spheres, I was quite happy with the early result! I also observed other games like fi Need For Speed and Wreckfest so I had an idea how to handle this problem. 



- Posting my research on trello is a good way to have organised research.

- Sleep enough so I can be fresh the day after!

- Looking up research before starting coding etc. With this way I will lose less time.

Found techniques

- Morphing

- Skinnded Mesh

- Softbodies

- Shaders with displacement mapping

- low resolution collision meshes

After some sleep and a party I was fully recharged for my second week! I did reseach about Nvidia Flex in Unity. It is an amazing technique but in my opinion it isn't made for doing car deformation. Certainly because it is still in beta. Fuilds and cloth is more appropriate. 


Further I also researched all the other techniques and wrote down how I would implement it and the (dis)advantages about it.

I'm going for the low resolution collision meshes method. I also implemented a big part of this technique, with result! As extra I added the joints for the doors so they can break off when there is a big impact.



- Take enough of breaks so I can empty my mind when something doesn't work

- Don't stress when I'm longer on a topic than expected. I'm glad that I have counted enough hours for my topics just in case.



This week I mainly worked on writing my paper. Things I've implemented this week are decals and a try out with my particles.



- Don't give up on things, maybe the solution is closer than you think!



- Cars can collide with each other

- Various sounds added

- Cars can respawn

- Windows can break

- Car manager for stable deformation (spread over frames)

- Bricks can be thrown

- Doors can fall off

- Modular parts such as the hood or bumper can fall off

- Wheels can deform and fall off

- Particles when damaged

- Decals on the place it's damaged