23 september 2019 - 29 september 2019

About my goal

Once the pier tool was finished, I wanted to make a kind of ivy generator to test my houdini skills so far. My goal for this project was to be able to generate ivy on any object with a custom spline tool. The purpose of this project is mainly researching the possibilities of houdini, so adding materials in an external program like Substance was not on my to-do list. Maybe if I ever revisit this tool, I will add those, but that's for another time. More info about the ivy generator can be found at the right link/image.

Joy of vex

Furthermore, I wanted to follow "Joy of vex", a course about mastering vex in Houdini. It's a 20-day course where you need to spend 20 minutes a day on one topic in vex.

Course: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=JoyOfVex

What is Vex?

VEX evaluation is typically very efficient, giving a performance close to compiled C/C++ code. Vex is not an alternative to scripting, but rather a smaller, more efficient general purpose language for writing shaders and custom nodes.

Generating simple fur

When messing around in the exercises of the course I made a simple fur generator on the standard pig mesh. Quite dirty if you ask me.